Indigo Instruments – vol. 4 (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 4)Indigo Instruments (vol. 4) SIDE 2-2

The new year has arrived and Volume 4 of Indigo Instruments also has! Very excited about new beginnings for both the year and playlist, Dirty Deity added a bonus song! The normal 15 tracks just wasn’t enough musical greatness this go around. 2017 lead Dirty Deity to discover many great musicians such as Cay Caleb, J.Robb, west1ne, and Lakim. Whether this is your first time hearing Indigo Instruments or you got all the previous volumes on replay; show love to these creatives in 2018! Get into the first playlist of the new year; Indigo Instruments Volume 4.



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