Friday Music Flow 7/28

1. Truth Is I’m Always Annoyed, Saturn, Alexander


New Jersey has a new hip-hop princess: Saturn, Alexander jumped on the scene last year with the IOU EP, and after teasing us with the standout single “Don’t” a few months ago, her new EP, Truth Is I’m Always Annoyed, was definitely worth the wait. Saturn knows how to ride the beat while showing her personality. “With this project, I wanted to give the listener an introspective view to both sides of the topic of the everyday micro-aggressions that plague us all to often,” she said. “To be able to give some perspective, and to be able to see ourselves in these songs, and relate to us sometimes being the source of our own aggression.”

2. “Hot Fire,” And “Rags To Bxxtches,” YGTUT


Chattanooga’s YGTUT dropped two new tracks, “Hot Fire” and “Rags To Bxxtches,” that are both actually “hot fire.” YGTUT released these new records in preparation of his new project (his first mixtape Preacher’s Son is definitely worth a spin) giving us just a little taste of what we can expect.

3. “Working Woman”, Kona

Having worked with The Internet and Awful Records, Kona has made herself a cozy spot in the industry over the past few years. Off her forthcoming project, Uncanny, “Working Woman” is about being overlooked by someone you want. “‘I was feeling looked over by a girl that I saw a lot of potential in at the time,” Kona tells Okayplayer. “Zack originally sent the beat in a batch of things that he wasn’t using for his album Little World and I instantly connected with it […] Fast forward a few months and the girl who was overlooking me is now my girlfriend, and the leading lady in the video.”

4. Pink & Blu, Narx


London DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Narx released his debut EP Pink & Blu, giving us a fresh and eclectic sound. It’s the second release from NAO’s budding record label, Little Toyko Recordings.

5. “Netflix & Dusse”, Smino

Smino’s blkswn project was easily one of my favorites from this year, showcasing his quick yet smooth cadences. The Monte Booker-produced “Netflix & Dusse” received visual treatment from director Calmatic, adding even more personality to the track.


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