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Indigo Instruments – vol. 5 (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 5)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 5) SIDE 2

Indigo Instruments is back with some cool tunes to get your Black History Month started the right way. Volume 5 of Dirty Deity’s Indigo Instruments has an even smoother flow for the typical 15-pick song selection. Press play at the jump and listen start to finish. Volume 5 has a seamless flow as if these indigos are on the same wave length when making music. Take a listen to Dirty Deity’s favorites from the first month of the year.

Indigo Instruments – vol. 4 (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 4)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 4) SIDE 2-2

The new year has arrived and Volume 4 of Indigo Instruments also has! Very excited about new beginnings for both the year and playlist, Dirty Deity added a bonus song! The normal 15 tracks just wasn’t enough musical greatness this go around. 2017 lead Dirty Deity to discover many great musicians such as Cay Caleb, J.Robb, west1ne, and Lakim. Whether this is your first time hearing Indigo Instruments or you got all the previous volumes on replay; show love to these creatives in 2018! Get into the first playlist of the new year; Indigo Instruments Volume 4.


Indigo Instruments – Vol. 3 (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 3)Indigo Instruments (vol. 2) SIDE 2-3

End the year with Volume 3 of Dirty Deity’s Indigo Instruments. Featuring both new and seasoned creatives producing unique sounds. Qu’ality, Stonethrows’ MNDSGN, the goddesses OSHUN and new music from SiR are featured in the last playlist of 2017. Of course there are some new instrumentals from Lakim, West1ne and some of Dirty Deity’s favorite producers. Get lost in the sounds of Indigo Instruments Vol 3.

Indigo Instruments – Vol. 2 (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

Indigo Instruments (vol. 2)Indigo Instruments (vol. 2) SIDE 2

 Dirty Deity is back with the second installment of “Indigo Instruments”. This month’s playlist features new music from Proda, new comers Phabo, Olukara, Antwon, and Jersey’s rap princess Saturn, Alexander. Volume 2 of “Indigo Instruments” also showcases the unique instrumentals of producers and DJs such as Foisey, Lakim, and West1ne; just to name a few. Enter November with nothing but good vibes from Volume 2 of “Indigo Instruments”.

Indigo Instruments – Vol. 1 (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

indigo instruments (vol. 1)

Volume one of Dirty Deity’s new playlist series “Indigo Instruments” has arrived. This playlist was curated with the love of experimental sounds and a thirst for discovering fresh, new producers & DJs. “Indigo Instruments” stays true to the indie music scene & indigo children using their voices and talents as instruments for creative change. Press play at the jump and let it Volume 1 of “Indigo Instruments” put you in the zone.

Autumn in August (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

August concludes the summer which means a new playlist series coming. This playlist explains my feelings about ending the summer, better than words could. Take a look into my mind with music from Rayana Jay, Buddy, Leikeli47, Corbin and other innovative creatives.

Daylight Dancin’ (Mix)

daylightdancin' cover


I present to you my new mix entitled “Daylight Dancin'”. I chose this name because, although this set was recorded at night, it gives me day party vibes. It’s like feeling the last bit of sun on your skin before sunset, as you’re grooving to serene tunes with friends. From Lil’ Kim to Anderson .Paak and Lion Babe; I transcended genres and time periods to create “Daylight Dancing’.

(All artwork, mixing, editing by Dirty Deity)

July’s Joints (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

Here is the third installment of my summer playlist series! Featuring new music from R&B cronner Nesta, YGTUT, Cousin Stizz, and Ciscerio. I also have some instrumental joints from Soulection’s AbJo, West1ne, & TGUT for you to vibe out to. Take a listen to my favorite July Joints!

June Jamz (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

My second playlist of the summer; featuring all new waves from artist that can instantly make me move and groove. These are all tracks I could see myself spinning this summer, sharing with my homies and just vibing out to on the way to the beach. Here are my June Jamz.

summer ‘$eventeen startUP (playlist curated by Dirty Deity)

This summer ‘$eventeen startUp playlist was curated by myself, DJ Dirty Deity, featuring genres and artists from all over. The eclectic playlist showcases my personality and love for music. With new tunes from Travis Scott, LA’s newcomer Buddy, Divine Council, and Lion Babe the vibes are endless. Take a listen to 20 of my new favorite jams perfect to gear up for the summer.