I’m Anora Singletary

also known as


     I began my website and brand, The Indigo Guide, to promote new artists whom I feel are innovative. I created The Indigo Guide celebrate the underground scene and the art I’ve produced myself.

     I moved back to New York from North Carolina and worked my way up from being an assistant event coordinator and personal assistant for different artists, and interned for the likes of MoMA Ps1 and various art shows along the east coast. I have worked to produce, plan and execute events as production assistant and manager. I’ve written editorials for multiple platforms, managed social media accounts for different companies, transcribed interviews and I have also worked a lot in Public Relations.

 My aim is to cater to cultural millennials who seek a more captivating social event incorporating both art and music. I’ve been blessed enough to continue to help the progression of the arts scene all along the east coast while starting new brands (#NewSouth, @todayinNC, Indigo Goods, Common Vision Studios) steaming from The Indigo Guide. I plan to continue blossoming on my own indigo guide in hopes to inspire future creatives to keep the arts alive and funded.


Anora Singletary aka ANORAglobal